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More quick malaria links

  • The mosquito menace in Chennai (the city’s response might be scarier)
  • J Kevin Baird picks apart a historical fallacy in what might be the most important review of the year
  • Malaria, swine flu, and understanding the political economy of control programmes in endemic countries
  • Is an elimination agenda increasing inequity (previously discussed here) and why so much funding for Equatorial Guinea (here)? Some evidence on the need for donor re-allocation from GFATM and WHO

All aboard the Malaria Express

Innovative vector control as reported in The Hindu (thanks Anup Anvikar) using a locomotive to spray larvicide along train tracks through the city of Delhi. As we see malaria transmission decline from improved control efforts, the remaining foci will increasingly be limited to specific ecotypes. Examples include urban and forest malaria, which have proved refractory, and we will need strategies specific to their peculiarities.

Quinine syrup

Not what you clinicians are thinking (i.e. the suspension). My drink of choice has long been tonic water for it’s antimalarial components. This might be the new favorite (hat tip: Priyanka) once I find the cinchona needed.

A vision of science

Ramachandra Guha, whose writing has brought me much profit, described the three tests for science in a country such as India formulated by the British-born Indian architect Laurie Baker: 1) is it eco-friendly? 2) is it non-violent? 3) is it poverty-reducing? This vision of science complements the notion of the method as a means of greater service promulgated by others. It eschews the public persona and elicits, instead, quiet determination. It is fundamentally outcome oriented and that too with the long-view. In this age of accomplishment evaluated on the timescale of press releases and serious matters adorned with glossy sentimentality, I wonder how we can build such an ethos in our own research community? At the risk of non-attribution (for I cannot find the source), we must recall that true dharma requires the unification of knowledge with action.

Nature outlook on malaria

A fantastic collection of news pieces, reviews, and infographics at Nature on malaria (thanks to Ashwani Kumar).

Some of my favorites included the scrutiny of the interim RTS,S vaccine results, an outlook for the Global Fund by the ever sharp Laurie Garrett, and a description on the ecological role of mosquitoes.

Song: Postcards from paradise

Check out the malaria lyrics in this smooth beat from The Himalayan Project. MCs Chee Malabar and Rainman paint scenes from rural India in a critique of romanticizing identity.

Malaria reducing spider-trees

The tragic Pakistan floods have apparently led to a phenomenon best understood as spider-trees. Words will not suffice; look at this picture:

To avoid the water the spider, en mass, took refuge in nearby trees. The web encased trees snare most of the local mosquitoes reportedly leading to reduced malaria in the area (thanks Saket).

The tragic Pakistan floods have apparently led to a phenomenon best understood as spider-trees. Words will not suffice; look at this picture: