A flood of artemisinin resistance

Articles that is. The spread of resistance to artemisinin drugs, the main-stay of modern Plasmodium falciparum (and even P. vivax in some places) malaria therapy, would endanger control programs globally (previously discussed here, here, here, and here). Last week saw a series of high-profile publications which received an impressive amount of coverage in the general media, here’s the list:

  • Evidence for a genetic basis for much of the observed resistance – are molecular markers in sight?
  • Another combination therapy trial with prolonged clearance in both treatment arms among patients from Western Cambodia
  • Longer clearance half-lives among patients with a high parasite load treated with just artemisinin on the Thai-Burma border, it’s already spread
  • An accessible narrative providing a glimpse of the operations of the Thai-Cambodia containment program (thanks Matt)



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