More on the not-so-Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria

The evidence just keeps piling up with this new report from Africa Fighting Malaria and a series of papers in Malaria Journal (1, 2, and 3). Not only is the availability and cost falling short of goals as we’ve discussed (here, here, here and here), the patient-centered outcomes which actually matter, are likely far worse. In addition to flaws in the logic of the program and its operations, the report adds a previously undocumented dimension of AFMm failure – leadership. The leaked minutes from its board meeting display an unflattering preoccupation with “reputational risk” for the Global Fund and its donors and a disregard for data that suggests the program may not be working as planned. The report concludes:

Evidence to date suggests that the AMFm was pushed forward too far, too fast and with too much money.




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