Wall Street Journal book review: Lifeblood

From the WSJ, Sonia Shah author of The Fever (here and here), reviews Lifeblood which chronicles the efforts of Ray Chambers to deliver lots and lots of treated bed-nets to Africa (previously discussed here). I’m mostly sharing this post because I’m a big fan of strong opening and closing sentences and these blew me away:

Readers may wonder how this new business-driven aid substantially improves on the old—which to date has eradicated smallpox, exterminated malaria from 18 countries and nearly eradicated polio. To achieve its goals, old-style aid may have sometimes exaggerated the depth of the problems it sought to address. But the new aid, as depicted in “Lifeblood,” seems to exaggerate the value of its interventions.

Having closely followed all efforts malaria, I’m inclined to think her observations are right on the mark.




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