WWARN data explorer: visualizing drug resistance

WWARN (previously introduced here) has released their interactive data viewer. It is fantastic to see and use.

[singlepic id=14 w=480 h=344 float=center]

Viewing the tabulated data for any study (as opposed to just summary data) is a bit tricky: > click on the study icon on the map > look to the bottom left of the pop-up > click investigate study and a new pop-up will appear.

While there are few (clinical) studies in the database thus far, WWARN should be commended for the extent of raw data they make available for each, including:

  • Location map
  • Study profile
  • Patient age range
  • Recurrent parasitemias
  • WHO treatment outcomes
  • PCR-Adjusted cure-rate chart
  • Unadjusted cure-rate chart
  • Cure-rate table



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