Has WHO eliminated artemisinin resistant parasites?

Possibly, but probably not, and certainly too early to tell. Though some would have you believe it already. The World Health Organization press release makes two claims: 1) artemisinin-resistant malaria (previously discussed here and here) has almost disappeared from areas tested in a pilot project managed by WHO and 2) the overall incidence of malaria has reduced significantly in the zone targeted by the project.

For the first claim no citation, efficacy or parasite clearance time data, or evidence of any sort are mentioned including who these researchers might be. The (presented) basis for the second claim lies in the screening of just 2,782 persons (it is unclear if this was a mass survey or several months of active case detection) in which only 2 P. falciparum cases were found. I realize this is not a scientific paper, but the ‘screening’ of a few thousand people in a border population of millions before the main malaria transmission season over the upcoming months seems little to be excited about. What was the need for this? The project just began in 2009. Why not wait another two years before making any public pronouncements? Alternatively, only provide regular updates through a somber and detailed format such as an annual project summary.

I believe in WHO. First, WHO has an unique mandate for supranational coordination. Second, WHO operates by consensus which, while time-consuming and difficult at times, allows countries large and small to have a voice at the table. And finally (related to the previous point), they maintain the trust of ministries of health in a way no other organization does – at least for now… They are losing their reputation by continuing to release shoddy statements backed by limited or poor quality data.

I’ve already complained about science and public health by press release. I understand it though from NGOs but I do not understand this trend from an organization which prides itself as a leader in developing quality health recommendations and soliciting technical excellence.





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