I really have to hand it to Paul Chinnock and his team at Tropika. Paul has turned the site into what I think is the best source of groundbreaking and offbeat  malaria news on the web (the site covers tropical diseases in general). I like his editorial input as well – he’s not afraid delve into substantive comments or share doubts and criticism. However, changing the comment system to not require a log-in would be my one suggestion for them. Here are some of my recent favorites from Tropika:

  • MalERA – The malaria eradication research agenda – it’s arranged according to programmatic areas with all relevant documents made available, lists upcoming events, and has a forum to provide feedback! Well thought, transparent and progressive, I’m impressed.
  • Every day is Malaria Day – a gem of an article. With a brilliant tongue-in-cheek first paragraph lamenting single disease and the stifling positivity of today’s adovacy, Paul goes on to guard against magic bullets, creating false hopes, and the consequences of failure.
  • Gates, Lancet, priority setting in global health – a random hodgepodge of topics but noteworthy for not only mentioning that Ranbaxy plans to move forward with an antimalarial trial (which many news sources carried) but pointing out that Medicines for Malaria Ventures pulled out of that project after previous trial results.
  • Sharing experiences in vivax control – a) it is news on vivax b) I simply did not see this conference covered anywhere else
  • China and malaria elimination in the Solomons – a fascinating story about an scaled up malaria control effort and the controversy it has generated. The tone of the discussion (in the original news source, not the Tropika article) is disturbing and I hope to write more about this soon.

Note: Posts have been sparse but this will likely continue with USMLE exams and work in India coming up


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  1. 1 barmak May 27, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    hey naman,

    agreed about your whole post.

    btw, the director of the IVM project at RTI serves on the vector control consultative task group of malERA – Jacob Williams. I’d be happy to put you in touch with him if you want.

    P.s. are you at GHC this week? if so, let’s meet for coffee
    P.P.s are you on twitter? look me up. barmak9

  2. 2 naman May 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    thanks Barmak,

    and no twitter or GHC conference for me.

    enjoy though!

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