Malaria vaccine and more at Gooz News

I accidentally stumbled across the site Gooz News a year ago. Gooz News is the blog of longtime writer and reporter Merrill Goozner.  It was a fortuitous find of some rather interesting malaria thoughts (in both the actual posts as well as reader comments) that I have not seen elsewhere – particularly those which provided insight into the personal and policy disputes surrounding the popular topic of malaria vaccines.

Here are my favorites:

  1. NY Times article on the clash of science egos over rival malaria vaccines
  2. Comments on GSK credit for the advancement of a malaria vaccine
  3. The malaria vaccine and Dr Ruth Nussenzweig of New York University
  4. FDA priority review “prize” vouchers and the RTS,S vaccine
  5. Interview with Dr Francois Nosten of the Thai-Burma border Shoklo malaria unit



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