Mosquito syringes and more funded by the Gates foundations grand challenges

The Gates Foundation recently released the 104 funded “exploration” topics from an applicant pool of about 4,000 grants. It’s an interesting initiative (previously mentioned here) and my friend Andrew McKee has already posted a great summary of the grants directly or indirectly related to malaria. It’s interesting to note all the applications I came across appeared to be from established academics. My personal favorites for the “this just sounds crazy” award are:

  1. “Flying syringes” – the efforts of Dr Matsuoka from Jichi Medical University in Japan to produce a transgenic mosquito, as a flying syringe, to deliver protective vaccine via saliva.
  2. “Microwave therapies” – Dr Spadafora from the Institute for Advanced Scientific Research in Panama wishes to use microwave frequency as a treatment for malaria



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