Malaria (and other communicable diseases) in Southeast Asia

I’m an author on an editorial in this month’s Bulletin of the World Health Organization on communicable diseases in Southeast Asia.


Multidrug-resistant malaria, including artemisinin resistance at the border of Cambodia and Thailand, threatens to jeopardize the provision of effective antimalarial treatment worldwide…

A theme issue of the Bulletin will provide a forum for sharing the region’s successes, and its future opportunities in disease control and research. The issue aims to foster greater international collaboration and partnership. Since the region has such a high communicable disease burden and risk, greater investment and collaboration will benefit not only the communities it serves but the entire world.

It’s not about the importance of SE Asia vs Africa or any other region – that would be silly. We take a brief snapshot of accomplishments, current challenges, and recent innovations in SE Asia to highlight the value of investment in control, elimination, and research. All in all, its an impressive rate of return. The practical point of the editorial is to provide the rationale for a full region-specific Bulletin issue. It’s a call for papers and the resultant issue should be a great forum for anyone interested in reaching a broad audience.




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