The President's Malaria Initiative and Bush's legacy in Africa

President Bush is on a five country tour through Africa visiting Benin, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Liberia. According to the news, the president has been well-received with large crowds following him in the hopes to glimpse a man they see as a strong supporter. Under the current administration, aid to these countries is at the highest levels in US history – primarily through Bush’s trademark programs for HIV/AIDs (PEPFAR) and malaria (PMI). Africa is one of the few areas of the world where the Mr. Bush (or at least the US) remains popular.

In December the Lancet published an editorial on the two year old malaria program. PMI isn’t perfect, but its doing remarkably well given the history of previous large malaria control efforts. Some notable accomplishments include greater transparency, more money directly spent on interventions, and effective collaboration. It’s too early to know what kind of impact on morbidity and mortality the program is having (though that won’t stop people from claiming successes) but the initial reports appear promising.


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