Anti-teen malaria in the UK: some truth behind the humor

Apparently, loitering gangs of teenagers have been wreaking havoc on UK businesses. In response, some shops have adopted a clever, albeit controversial, solution called the Mosquito which takes advantage of age-related differences in hearing abilities. The device emits an irritating high-frequency sound audible only to teens. If that wasn’t enough, someone decided the Mosquito would be more effective if it transmitted malaria. Not a suggestion in the best of taste, but its important to maintain a sense of humor. Certainly, it would be difficult to hang out at the local 7-eleven amidst high fevers and chills.

Satire aside, teens (and others) in the UK could succumb to local malaria in the near future. The Department of Health warns Southern England may see malaria outbreaks in the next 50 to 100 years due to rising global temperatures. Previously, the last case of endemic malaria was reported in 1953.




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